The hustle got you worked up? Treat yourself to a grounding body ritual

The hustle got you worked up? Treat yourself to a grounding body ritual

Because we’re all out here part of the hustle, the ether and air elements (also known as vata dosha) within our bodies are often elevated — and craving to be soothed. For many of us, this can show up as anxiety, insomnia or sleeplessness, gas, bloating, constipation and a scattered mind. Perhaps you can relate? 

Well, lucky for all of us, the ancient sages of India found a solution to our modern day woes…

body oil massage abhyanga

Self oil massage, known in Ayurveda as abhyanga, is used to calm these elements within us, and is thus perhaps one of the most nourishing ways we can honor our bodies and minds. 

Because oil is heavy, liquid and smooth, it acts to balance the light, dry and rough qualities of excess vata dosha — which is the source of that pervasive sense of ungroundeness you feel. The ancient and luxurious practice of self oil massage hydrates the skin, lubricates the joints, improves digestion, relaxes the nervous system, and supports us to be in awakened presence. Practicing this sweet ritual in the morning will set you up to feel more warm, connected and activated throughout each day.

Here’s how to treat yourself to this ancient self-care ritual at home:

  1. Before your bath, warm approximately 1 oz EVERY BODY Grounding Body Oil by pouring it into a glass jar and placing it the jar in about 2 inches of boiling water for 5 minutes. 

  2. While your oil is warming, set your space. Ensure that your bedroom or bathroom is warm, and that you have one or two towels that you don’t mind getting slightly oily. If you have more time, consider lighting some candles!

  3. Once the oil is warmed, anoint yourself head to toe in a light layer. Adore every curve and line of your body with loving touch, inviting a renewed sense of calm and vitality.

  4. After you are fully covered, massage your joints in circular motions and use long strokes on your limbs to soothe your skin and muscles, always moving the blood toward your heart. 

  5. Pay special attention to your feet, honoring your own physical foundation. The feet are so important that ancient sages even believed that stimulating the feet would actually improve the vision!

  6. As you arrive to your center, massage the belly in a circular clockwise motion, as this motion encourages healthy, comfortable digestion.

  7. If you’re up for it, try massaging a small amount of oil into your scalp with the tips of the fingers. The oil is nourishing to the hair follicles and soothing vata dosha here can help prevent headaches. 

  8. Allow your skin to fully absorb the oil before stepping into your warm Moon Bath. Traditional Ayurvedic wisdom states that the warmth of the bath opens the pores and dilates the channels, allowing the oil to sink in deeper and toxins to be eliminated. 

  9. Relax into your experience for at least 20 minutes. Let this be your moment to arrive home in your body before gently stepping out and patting dry. 

  10. Be sure to stay cozy and warm, not allowing yourself to get chilled at any time during your ritual. 

Traditionally, oil massage is done before bathing and on an empty stomach, as this is best for detoxification. We invite you to try it this way. However, you may also choose to use the oil after your shower to hydrate your skin. 

Enjoyyyy this opportunity to drop in with love for yourself.

EVERY BODY Grounding Body Oil is a blend of grounding and nourishing oils that leaves you feeling calm, connected, and restored. It combines high antioxidant healing oils with the light, gender-neutral scent of sandalwood and cypress.