Summer new moon bath ritual

Summer New Moon Bath Ritual | I am grounded in my vision.

The New Moon cultivates in us a quiet, receptive energy that opens us up to receive wisdom from our intuitive center of knowing. Ancient cultures referred to the dark days of the New Moon as the “sleeping moon” or the “resting moon,” as this is a time for deep restoration and renewal. If we listen to our bodies during this time, we may feel called to sleep more and exert ourselves less. This is a natural part of our body’s rhythmic cycles that mirror the Earth’s rhythms.

On the summer New Moon, we are invited to take reprieve from the heat and intensity of the most active season of the year by drawing a refreshing cool bath. Who knew a bath doesn’t have to be hot?!

This New Moon offers us the opportunity to ground the joyful, exciting energy of summer, channeling it to serve our creativity. 


Inspiration abounds, and we have a unique ability to be flexible and adapt to new ideas or changing circumstances during this particular New Moon. By gently cooling the fire energy of summer, we exhale and find ourselves having a moment to reflect, clarify, and communicate our visions.

Self-Care Practice

Mandukasana, or floor frog pose, is a physical practice to move stuck energy while simultaneously remaining grounded. It is a deep and powerful hip opener that balances your root.

The root, at the base of our spine, is said to be our foundation, responsible for our sense of safety and security.


Start on your hands and knees and drop into the pose by slowly widening your knees apart, making sure to keep your feet in line with your knees so your legs maintain a 90-degree angle. Pivot your toes to face out as your knees move away from your center, resting your body weight on the inside line of your knees and ankles. It will be most comfortable to do this on a rug or padded surface. To ensure your feet stay flexed, practice floor frog next to a wall so you can prop the bottoms of your feet against it. You may be tempted to tilt your hips forward and arch your back, as if the bowl of your pelvis is spilling onto the floor. Instead, try tucking your pelvis up and in, while exhaling a breath into your low back—this will help maintain a healthy curve in your spine without dumping weight into your low back. Gaze gently down on the floor in front of you and focus your energy inward as you take several deep and cooling breaths. Gently rock your torso back and forth to get deeper into the hip opening and grounding. Hold this pose for 1 to 5 minutes and come out very slowly. 

new moon bath tea


While your New Moon Bath Tea steeps, pay special attention to the temperature of the water as you fill your tub. In the heat of summer, you might consider creating a refreshing dip for yourself by drawing a cool bath. The temperature should always feel very comfortable and soothing.

Sweeten your ritual with a dash of velvety Milk & Honey. Milk offers a cooling, grounding and nourishing effect to this bath, encouraging us to return home to ourselves so that we may channel our energy toward cultivating the seeds of our intention.

Notice how your energy shifts as you submerge in the healing water. Soak for 20 to 30 minutes. As you do, close your eyes and allow your senses to awaken as your physical body softens. Let the medicinal waters remind you of the healing power of plants and the value of creating space to reconnect with yourself. Meditate on the affirmation, “I am grounded in my vision,” and allow its essence to gently wash over you.


After your bath, reflect in your journal on the following questions: 

  • What does being grounded feel like for me?

  • What activities in my daily or weekly life help me feel grounded?

  • What steps am I taking toward bringing one of my visions to life?

  • What habits and practices can I foster to allow my vision to take root?

The summer season brings a heightened sense of joy, creativity, and celebration into our being, and allowing ourselves to express this energy is integral to living in alignment with the Earth’s rhythms. In the heat of the summer, the New Moon is an opportunity to take a cooling exhale and ground the creative energy we feel. During this moment of reflection, we can collect our thoughts to clearly communicate our visions. 

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