Angelica & Julia — Lovers and Entrepreneurs

Angelica & Julia — Lovers and Entrepreneurs

Angelica and Julia are world travelers, entrepreneurs, fitness connoisseurs, and wives to one another. They light up every room they enter — simply their glowing presence reminds us of the juicy love that is possible to squeeze out of this life.

Moon Bath: Tell us about the moment you two met! We can only imagine how the sparks were flying — take us there.

Angelica: Julia and I met at my parents Dental Office. I was the office manager at the time and Julia was a loyal client and I have to say my favorite one. My mother still to this day never lets us forget that we're together all thanks to her and the office.

Julia: I had a crush on her from the moment I saw her, but it took us several years to reconnect. After that, what was meant to be a 4-day trip to visit her, turned into two weeks and Christmas with her family - I just couldn’t separate myself from her.

Moon Bath: What brought the two of you to the mountains of Boulder, Colorado? 

Angelica: Well Julia and I met in Miami in 2010 but didn't start to date till 2015 and at that time Julia was living in Boulder with her sister. We had a long distance relationship for the first 4-5 months of our relationship where we would travel back and forth between Boulder & Miami - this is how I got to know Boulder before deciding to move here in 2018. In 2017 we decided to move to Barcelona, and lived there for a year, when it came time to come back to the USA we weren't ready for Miami living just yet and thought that Boulder’s quality of life was what we really needed, and that’s how Boulder became home for the both of us.

Julia: After living in Europe, we were looking for a US city that offered that European quality of life. Where people value life over work, with access to nature, bike/walkable, and a healthy lifestyle pace. We also wanted to test our fitness concept and felt that Boulder offered that passion for health and wellness that we were looking for.

Moon Bath: Angelica, fitness is your passion, but as you’ve said it’s not about helping people lose weight. What is it about fitness that lights you up? 

Angelica: So much more than just a sweat. There's plenty of avenues that fitness professional can take, personal training, group fitness, education just to name a few. I choose group fitness because of the community. There's this special bond thats born between a group of individuals working towards individual goals but pushing through the struggle together. Watching and coaching people through things they didn't even know they’re working on is probably the best part of my job. There's this beautiful transformation that people experience that can't be replicated outside of these sessions.

Moon Bath: With MELTprjct you talk about bridging the gap between strength and serenity. What is one way we can start to do this in our own lives?

Angelica: MELTprjct is really about spreading and practicing mindfulness both in and out of our classes. We start every session with a moment of intention setting to keep us grounded and present during our practice and we hope that this small ritual can be something that people make a habit in their own lives. (Go check it out @meltprjct)

Moon Bath: Julia, walk us through what happens on a day that you feel you’re living your best? 

My best day always starts with cuddles in bed from my wife and dog. Followed by riding our bikes to brunch, wandering around the Farmers Market, naps in hammocks along the Boulder river, and copious amounts of time in the sun.

Moon Bath: What are each of your favorite self-care practices? Give us a sense of how and when you work them into your busy week.

Angelica: Life is busy starting a business but the best way I can make a moment for myself is either through a warm bath or an awesome sweat session. I'd have to say that's where I feel most at peace. There's something about warm water, my favorite candle, and few sprinkles of Moon Bath that just shuts out the outside world for me and allows me to connect internally. A killer session over the boxing bags is another really cathartic experience that just MELTS away any stressors I might be experiencing.

Julia: Hot baths are a staple in this home!

Moon Bath: When you slip into your Moon Bath, what are the first shifts you notice in your body and mind?

Angelica: Depends what product I use, these are my two favs: The Moon Bath shimmer spray is my all time favorite when I want to feel an extra touch of sexy. The Moon Bath body oil automatically gives me a since of nourishment to the skin, like it’s feeding my skin exactly what it needs.

Julia: Immediate release and relaxation. My skin immediately feels moisturized and soft. There is no better feeling than closing your eyes and feeling the warm milky water on your skin.

Moon Bath: Why is creating space to slow down, tune in and reconnect important to you?

Angelica: Honestly plain and simple I wouldn't be able to survive or create without a daily moment of space and silence. My career is really demanding on my body and emotionally taxing, so finding a moment where I can replenish a little of what I give out is a must for me to continue to deliver a good experience to those who attend my classes.

Julia: Society has filled our days with all these things that we must do - go to work, run errands, be productive. We forget that we invented these things to aid our human existence not become our human existence. 


Check out their work at MELTprjct/ @meltprjct and Resurrected /@resurrected_bldr


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