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Katherine Sanz — Creator, Moonspun Jewelry

Katherine Sanz is a mother and aspiring doula who handcrafts personal power talismans, engagement rings and wedding bands with pure gold, intention, and magic. Like Katherine and her jewelry, her rituals are beautiful and alive with spirit. 

Moon Bath: What first drew you to jewelry making? How long have you been doing it and what keeps you drawn to it?  

Katherine Sanz: I have been a jewelry maker all my life. My mother was an artist and a jewelry maker and shared her love of creating things with me.  I remember sitting at her feet in the studio, humming, carefully stringing bits of wood and bone as she worked.

Moon Bath: What does the name Moonspun mean to you?

Katherine: Moonspun was born in the middle of the night, the moon would awaken me with all her glowing spirit and speak, Create! I had no choice but to rise and spin bits of magic to free my soul. Moonspun Jewelry is alive. Now, I create personal power talismans, engagement rings, and wedding bands with pure gold and magic.

Moon Bath: You’ve shared with us your calling to serve women in the beautiful journey of childbirth - can you tell us more about how you knew this was your path?

Katherine: I have always loved the power of being a woman. Of holding a womb. The way we match the cycles of nature. Our power to create life. For me, all my art and creativity is an expression of that feminine power. And, for me, actually giving birth to a child is the ultimate expression of that.. It has the capacity to be the single most powerful moment in a woman’s life. How she is cared for in that sacred space has the power to reverberate through all existence. Evolving our care of women and babies in the Birth Space is the key to the future of the human race. It is my calling in this life to be a Goldsmith and to eventually be a Midwife. Right now, I am gathering knowledge to be of the highest service to women as they give birth. I am first training to become a Birth Doula!

Moon Bath: We are always looking for ways to ‘create space’ in our lives to welcome in more of ourselves and ease towards a nourished and balanced state. What are the ways you do this in your life?

Katherine: We are such a natural fit! I’d say bathtime is my number one way to create space for myself. Bathtime is just now that much sweeter with your amazing Moon Bath soaks! The other non-negotiable for me is yoga. I practice as often as possible, in any way I can. I always find that when I make the space to breathe and move with intention in my body, I leave with some much more space in my mind and body for the rest of the day.

Moon Bath: In what ways do the rhythms of nature influence you? 

Katherine: I am a woman. My sun sign is Cancer. I feel the phases of the moon so strongly in my whole being. In Moonspun and in life, I really do live according to the state of the moon. When the moon is waxing, I am creative, energetic, imaginative. I make space to make more artwork, plant things, and move my body energetically. When the moon is full, I dance until I can’t dance anymore. When the moon is waning, I like to clear out my desk, my closet, my garden, my body. I make space to rest, relax, rejuvenate. When the moon is new, I stop completely if I can. I lay in the bath by candlelight and set intentions for the coming month. A ritual chant.. ”Dark of the moon, what we envision will come to be by the full moon light.” I had an amazing experience with Moon bath my first time trying it. When I arrived for the photo shoot, I was in an extremely unusual disconnect from the natural cycles of nature. Even though the shoot was on the full moon, my body was having its moon menstrual cycle. So weird for me! I usually always bleed on the new moon, when nature dictates rest. It was definitely cramping my style. After one month of using Moon Bath and consciously asking my body to shift, my cycle went back to the New moon!!

Goldsmithing is the ultimate expression of harnessing the power of water, earth, wind, and fire. Using my tools of Water (for cleansing), Wind (for directing energy) and Fire (for forging), I can create wearable talismans from bits of rare Earth (gold).

Moonspun Jewelry is lovingly created by hand and spirit under the moonlight in Boulder, Colorado.


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