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As part of The Collective you are an integral part of the modern bathing renaissance — a movement of bathing babes who understand that true wellness arises when we re-align ourselves with the rhythms and elements of nature. As a member, you now have the opportunity to earn a 15% commission for every purchase of our ritual bathing products referred by you! Ready to get started?

Here’s How to start earning commissions now!

1. Check Your Email

Check the email account you used to sign up as an affiliate to find your your unique log in details. These are what you’ll use to log in to your affiliate panel — where you’ll find your affiliate link to begin sharing!

2. Log in to Your Affiliate Panel

Log in to your affiliate panel using the unique link that was emailed to you when you signed up. You can also click here to access the login page. While you’re in there, go to My Profile → Payment Details and be sure your PayPal email address is saved so we can share the abundance with you!

3. Find Your General Affiliate Link

You will use the link at the top of the affiliate panel as your general affiliate link. This link will bring customers directly to the Moon Bath home page, and all sales from this link will be attributed to you. It is labeled as “General (Your) Affiliate Link” and can be accessed from any page of the affiliate panel.

4. Discover the Moon Bath Assets

We’ve got the goods for you! Access a file filled with beautiful banners, lifestyle images, product photos and sample copy in this Dropbox Folder. Please note, all lifestyle photos are Copyright Moon Bath, and you are kindly asked to give credit…because we’re real friends.

5. Place Banners with Links on Your Website

There are two ways to use all those juicy photos and banners:

  • The easiest way to do this is to upload assets from the Dropbox folder above to your site or social media, and LINK using your general affiliate link.

  • OR — log in to your affiliate panel, and on the left hand side bar, select Promotion → Banners & Links. Here, you will find some of the Dropbox assets with Moon Bath shop links and descriptions embedded into them, and are ready to be embedded on your site. Please note, there are more options available directly in the DropBox folder.

6. Share on Social Media

Get creative! Your followers want to hear your personality, and what you love! Spill the juicy details on your latest Moon Bath, dish on your pastimes in the tub, and let them in on how to use your fave Moon Bath products.

7. Track Your Progress

To see stats such as how many clicks and sales you have received, as well as how much money you’ve made, visit Reports → Quick Stats. There is lots of v exciting info under Reports, so spend some time getting familiar with the pages so you can get excited!

We’re so grateful that you’re part of The Collective!