Hello Love!

Moon Bath was created on a Scorpio Full Moon by dear friends:  

Dakota Hills — rooted explorer, vintage car enthusiast, lover of movement, truth slayer and mama of two fur babies

Sierra Brashear — Ayurvedic practitioner, digital nomad, spirited gardener and dancin’ machine

Moon Bath is the manifestation of a close group of women who came together to share their stories of healing with plant medicine. While exploring bathing with the spirit of botanicals, we realized we had tuned in to a very powerful and ancient tradition. We found that by recognizing the intrinsic relationship we have with the lunar phases, the elements, seasonal shifts and the humbling cycle of death and rebirth we could reconnect ourselves with nature. Tuning into these macrocosmic patterns cultivates healing and balance within us.

Combining this ancient wisdom and modern intuitive alchemy, Moon Bath invites you to tune in to nature’s rhythms with our earth integrated bathing ritual products that include intentionally-crafted Botanical Bath Teas, Face Mask and Mist, Infused Bath Salt and Sacred Smoke aromatherapy.

Moon Bath represents the exploration of ancient healing modalities, elevation of the diverse global community and stewardship of our precious earth.

We invite you to deepen your self-care ritual and join us in the modern bathing renaissance.