Bathing Guide 

Align your bathing ritual with the lunar cycle to bring the cosmos to your tub. 

Taking a Moon Bath transforms your bathtub into a space where your whole being can recover, restore and reinvigorate. 

Our Lunar Blends are intentionally crafted Botanical Bath Teas that enhance your connection to the energy of the moon. All of the Lunar Blends promote healthy skin, healing and relaxation — but to receive the most potent energetic benefits, we encourage you to bathe weekly with the Bath Tea that corresponds to the current phase of the moon. The lunar cycle has four distinct moon phases:

  • The NEW MOON phase is the week during which the moon is invisible or appears as a slender crescent, the sky is dark and the stars shine bright.

  • The WAXING MOON phase is the week in which the New Moon builds toward the Full Moon, and more of the moon is visible each night.

  • The FULL MOON phase is the week during which the moon is the most visible, the time in which the moon appears as a bright, round circle in the sky.

  • The WANING MOON phase is the week during which the Full Moon fades to the New Moon and less of the moon is visible each night.

Use our color-coded Lunar Calendar to easily track the phases of the moon and identify which Botanical Bath Tea to bathe with. The moon colors for each phase match the label on the front of your Bath Tea… making bathing with the phases of the moon second nature.

How to take a Moon Bath


The process of preparing your Botanical Bath Tea begins with filling and turning on your kettle. While the water is heating, pour the dry botanicals into a large (34 oz) French Press*.

Add hot water to French Press, cover and let the Bath Tea steep for 15-20 minutes. This process of steeping the botanicals — in just under boiling temp water — is imperative to extract the medicinal properties from the botanicals and receive the most potent healing benefits. Adding the botanicals to your bath is very pretty but the bath water never gets hot enough to effectively unlock and thus receive the benefits of the plants. PLUS the steeping process invites you to watch the dried botanicals come back to life as they expand in the hot water, and to focus on offering your intention to the herbal infusion you’re creating. BONUS: less cleanup!


Run your bath water, compress and pour the Botanical Bath Tea infusion and Moon Bath’s Infused Sundance Sea Salt into your tub before you get in. Consider burning Sacred Smoketo clear the space. Slip into your Moon Bath and notice how your energy shifts as you submerge in the healing water. Allow your senses to awaken and your physical body to soften. Let the medicinal waters remind you of the healing power of plants and the value of creating space to reconnect with yourself.


Before, during or after your ritual bath, consider doing a mindfulness practice such as repeating an intention, gentle stretching, meditation or journaling.

By treating yourself to a weekly Moon Bath, you are not only cleansing your physical body, you are cultivating clarity, vitality and balance for your whole being.

*If you do not have a French press available, you can prepare your Botanical Bath Tea on the stovetop: bring 34 oz of water to a gentle simmer, turn off stove, add botanicals, stir and steep covered for 15-20 minutes. Strain into a pitcher or strain directly in your bath water.

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