Our Story

We are Dakota and Sierra — and what can we say? We are our brand. Earthy with a touch of glam. Adventurous yet rooted. Old school but livin’ in a modern world. We work hard, we play hard, and we get DOWN with bathing rituals!

We weren’t always such avid bathers. We were inspired by a dear friend — a true self care enthusiast — whose out of this world bathing rituals seemed to transport her to other realms, and she came back glowing. We needed to know EVERYTHING — we wondered, can bathing actually connect us to the cosmos?

Then we tried it. And, honestly, who knew?! Turns out that tuning in to the guiding force of the moon, setting an aligned intention, and immersing ourselves in warm, herbaceous waters was the medicine we never knew we needed.

Dakota was on her yoga mat during the height of a Scorpio Full Moon when it struck her — she recognized that this was it. For her next mission, she would inspire others to create space for these epic bathing rituals, and the name Moon Bath was beamed in from the stars.

Meanwhile, Sierra was on a weekend getaway at her childhood home in the Rocky Mountains, having a bath, and blissing out. She recalled an Ayurvedic teaching that hailed the benefits of immersing in water, salt and intention, and she thought to herself...the modern world needs to know about this ancient magic!

Two days and one happy hour later, we set out on a shared mission to ignite the modern bathing renaissance. We combined the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with modern intuitive alchemy to bring you earth integrated bathing rituals that inspire you to tune in and reconnect.

Dakota / COYOTE (she/her) — rooted explorer, vintage car enthusiast, lover of movement, truth slayer and mama of two fur babies.
Sierra / LIONESS (she/her) — Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, digital nomad, spirited gardener and lover of music.

Moon Bath represents the exploration of ancient healing modalities, elevation of the diverse global community and stewardship of our precious earth — it is our opportunity to use small business as a force for good in the world. Being good stewards of the earth and its inhabitants is rooted in our core beliefs.