Ayurveda is India’s ancient science of evoking inner health by aligning with the elements and the rhythms of nature.

Originally visioned over 5,000 years ago by the rishis (the ancient sages of India), Ayurveda is believed to be one of the oldest systems of healing on Earth. It offers a rich and dynamic body of knowledge that supports holistic wellness at a deep level through balance.

The Sanskrit word Ayurveda translates as “science of life”. At the core of Ayurveda is the knowledge that living in alignment with the elements of nature is the best medicine, and that time, expressed through nature’s cycles, is the greatest healer. This living wisdom reminds us that our universe — the sun, the moon and the elements — has perpetual rhythmic influences on our lives and wellbeing. According to Ayurvedic wisdom, the world around us is made up of five elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth. Living a life that is synchronized with these rhythmic and elemental influences revitalizes our bodies, invites us to trust ourselves and reconnects our spirit.

As a system of healing, Ayurveda is distinct in that it tailors preventative wellness and the treatment of conditions to the unique constitution of every person. The focus is on bringing combinations of the elements, called doshas in Sanskrit, within your body back into balance with the world around you.  

Ayurveda employs a wide array of lifestyle practices that maintain and improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vitality. Among them is the observance of saucha, or cleanliness and purity. Ritual cleansing and purification in a salt water bath is recommended to cleanse the energetic body, remove energy drains, and ensure physical, mental and spiritual purity.

Ayurveda celebrates plant medicine and reminds us how to use the gifts from the Earth to restore our balance and vitality. Inspired by this ancient wisdom of botanicals, mineral salts and nourishing milks, Moon Bath has intentionally crafted every one of our bathing products.

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