Fall Full Moon Bath Ritual | I celebrate my journey.

Fall Full Moon Bath Ritual | I celebrate my journey.

The Fall Full Moon invites us to celebrate our seeds of intention having come to fruition, as we reap the harvest of our endeavors. We take this time to recognize that where we are, here and now, is a result of choices and commitments we made along the way. As you indulge in the fruits of your labor, you are invited to celebrate your journey—with all its joys and challenges.

fall full moon bath ritual


When was the last time you made a toast to your own damn self? Here’s to YOU, and the epic journey of life you’re on. Pour yourself a glass of champagne or sparkling water, and raise it in celebration of all your wildest successes, failures, and every moment in between. Enjoy this glorious libation as you soak and repeat the affirmation, I celebrate my journey.

Clear energy, purify the air and create space to tune in with a generous pinch of Sacred Smoke over a lit charcoal cinder in the Blessing Bowl and place on a fire-safe surface near the tub to enhance your bathing experience.

sacred smoke moon bath

Self-Care Practice — Breath of joy

Breath of Joy is an energizing breathing exercise that elicits happiness, elevates mood, and releases negativity. Perfect to do just before a celebratory bathing ritual! Pro tip: start brewing your Full Moon Botanical Bath Tea before and start your tub filling, and then begin the practice.

It’s done in three parts: the first is an inhale into the bottom third of the lungs, the second is an inhale into the middle section of the lungs, and finally the third part is completing the inhale into the top part of the lungs, or the upper chest. The three-part inhale is done through the nose and the exhale is released through the mouth with a ha sound. The practice is done standing and with accompanying arm and torso movements to energize the body. 

Find a comfortable standing position, with your feet firmly planted slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, with a gentle bend to the knees. On the first part of the inhale, into the lower lungs, swing your arms out in front of you, palms turned upward. On the second part of the inhale, into the middle section of lungs, swing your arms out to your sides, palms facing forward. On the third, final part of the inhale into your upper lungs, swing your arms in front of you and up over your head, palms facing each other. The exhale is a full release of breath with the ha sound while your arms swing down by your sides and your midsection bends fully forward with the momentum, allowing your chest to fall to your bent knees and your arms to swing up behind you. This movement encourages a light compression in your lungs and a complete exhale. Then lift your torso to standing and repeat the inhale cycle again. Cycle through this three-part inhale and exhale series as long as feels good for you, keeping in mind this practice is energizing.

Immerse Yourself

As the weather cools, draw yourself a bath on the warmer side. Light some candles, strain in your Full Moon Botanical Bath Tea, and pour in your Milk & Honey Bathing Salt for the most luxurious experience.

To further harness the vitality available to us during the Full Moon, bring gentle movement into your bath ritual. As the Full Moon is a time of expansion and celebration, we can bring this intention into our bathing posture. Traditionally, we soak lying face up with our back supported. During your Full Moon bath, try turning onto your belly, propping your arms up on one end of the tub, with your hands placed on top of each other, creating a comfortable place to rest your chin or cheek. Your legs will naturally bend and your feet will rest on the opposite end of the tub, bringing you into a supported Bow Pose. Take a few deep, grounding breaths to arrive fully in this position, allowing the front of your body to gently open and your heart to expand.


After your celebratory and revitalizing ritual, find a comfortable place to settle in with your journal. Taking time to give ourselves praise for all that we have accomplished brings us into the present moment and creates fertile ground for us to cultivate more of what we seek to experience and manifest. 

Reflect in your journal on the following questions:

What am I most proud of accomplishing in the recent past?

What intention did I set that I brought to fruition?

What commitment did I make that I fulfilled?

What challenge did I experience in the journey that created space for growth?

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