Clear and elevate your mind with soothing oil nose drops

Clear and elevate your mind with soothing oil nose drops

A nose oil!? Why would I put oil in my nose?

We’re so glad you asked!

Placing oil drops in the nose is a classical Ayurvedic practice called nasya, and it has some amayyyzing benefits.

In India’s ancient holistic healing system, the nose is considered the doorway to consciousness and the direct route to the brain, which is why nasya is considered to be one of the most important self-care practices. Through the gentle application of herbally-infused oil via the inner nostrils, we can not only encourage internal detoxification, but support clarity of mind.

To try it for yourself, check out our Mind Rise | Transcendent Nose Oil. Get comfortable, tilt your head back, and drop 3-5 drops in each nostril. Rest for a few minutes.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, practicing this ritual helps to balance the air and ether elements (vata) and improve the flow of prana — the vital life force that flows in through the breath. Nasya is said to improve intelligence and memory, release tension in the head, and promote mental clarity, in addition to repairing and protecting the nasal passages, improving quality of voice, and strengthening the eyes.

Perhaps you are wondering how oil nose drops could have such an effect on the mind? We get it — it’s pretty amazing to think about!

This unique effect is mostly thanks to the classical Indian botanical known as Brahmi, which is slow-infused into the sesame oil in our blend. Brahmi is a renowned mental rejuvenative traditionally used in Ayurveda to promote the intellect, enhance mental function and improve concentration to support memory, learning and knowledge. It also supports the proper function of the brain and nerves, bringing balance to the nervous system while promoting clarity and awareness. The name brahmi means "the energy of cosmic consciousness,” and the leaves of this amazing plant are highly sattvic — in other words, they are considered to be energetically pure and harmonious. As such, brahmi has been utilized to support meditation and spiritual practices throughout the ages. (By the way, we use the term brahmi to refer to two different, yet very similar, plants, which are both included in this blend: Brahmi/Gotu Kola leaf — Centella asiatica, and Bacopa herb — Bacopa monnieri).

In Mind Rise, Brahmi is combined with Tulsi (holy basil), which has a deeply calming, adaptogenic effect that is also helpful for accessing higher levels of awareness, and it is also used to ease overly anxious or compulsive thinking, confusion, and erratic moods. So is it any wonder why placing this combination of botanicals right into the doorway to consciousness would be so supportive for the more subtle aspects of our being? 

But beyond the mental benefits, nasya can be an effective remedy for headaches, nasal congestion, allergies and mild nasal infections. In addition, it has been used to address musculo-skeletal pathologies of the neck, shoulders, diseases of the eyes, ears, gums, and even the teeth.

For much of these physical benefits, we can thank licorice root, a sweet, nourishing herb that is excellent for promoting clear, comfortable breathing. Licorice supports healthy lungs and natural lubrication of the mucosal membranes, and its kapha-reducing qualities help address congestion, nasal drip or a sore throat. Licorice is also said to nourish the mind and brain by increasing cranial and cerebrospinal fluid. 

We can also thank calendula for its incredible healing properties here. This beautiful yellow flower is renowned for its ability to relieve chapping, repair skin and calm irritation — so in Mind Rise, Calendula helps nourish the soft tissue of your inner nose and soothe the area around your nostrils. Calendula also has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties to help prevent any sort of sinus infection.

With all of these amazing benefits, we think it’s time for the world to get into nasya

Ready to create space for the ritual? Here’s a guide to using our Mind Rise | Transcendent Nose Oil.

  1. If you have time, it’s best to warm the oil gently by running the bottle under hot water, or by placing the bottle in a mug of water that has been recently boiled. If you don’t have time, you can skip this step!

  2. Lie down comfortably on your back, and rest your head back so that it’s slightly below your shoulders. A great way to do this is to hang your head gently over the edge of your bed, so that the crown of your head points slightly downward.

  3. With your head and neck relaxed, drop 3-5 drops of Mind Rise into each nostril. Inhale slightly through your nose to invite the oil into contact with your soft membranes. 

  4. Once oil is dropped into both nostrils, rotate your head side to side to encourage the oil to make its way deeper.

  5. Use your fingers to gently massage your cheeks, temples, jaw muscles, and forehead — sensing how the oil nourishes your soft tissues. Place your hands over your eyes for a moment to calm the nervous system.

  6. Rest for a few minutes. This is a perfect moment to simply close your eyes, meditate or listen to a guided visualization.

  7. Once complete, sit up slowly. You may blow your nose to remove oil that was not absorbed. It’s perfectly fine if you feel or taste it in the back of your throat.

Mind Rise can be used daily. This practice is wonderful first thing in the morning or mid day, and is ideally done on an empty stomach. We love to do it in the morning before (officially) getting out of bed. If you use a neti pot, just be sure that your nose is dry before adding the nose drops, as it’s not great to mix the water and oil inside these precious passages. 

A transcendent experience combining the revered Ayurvedic botanicals brahmi and tulsi, Mind Rise | Transcendent Nose Oil releases tension, nourishes the tissues and strengthens the vision — of the mind and heart.