Spring Full Moon Bath Ritual | I am vibrant and juicy.

Spring Full Moon Bath Ritual | I am vibrant and juicy.

On the spring Full Moon, we blossom into the most fertile and juicy version of ourselves. As life flows from the slumber of winter and the moon swells to its fullest, we become ripe and ready for our luscious sensuality to emerge. 

With the earth element present, this is the time to explore our own garden of earthly delights, taking extra care to appreciate the beauty of our own precious flowers. Romance and renewal are one, so allow yourself to feel into your most primal urges, and let the juices flow. You are right on time.

Self-Care Practice

Chakravakasana, also known as Cat-Cow Pose, brings fluidity and mobility to the spine and mid section of the body. It’s an opportunity to allow the juicy energy in your body to flow freely as you incorporate any organic movement that calls to you. The Cow Pose opens the heart, upper chest and throat, allowing your heart’s true intentions to be spoken freely. The cat posture releases tensions in your low back and activates the sacral area. 

Chakravakasana (Cat-Cow) Yoga Pose

To get into Cat-Cow Pose, come onto your hands and knees on a padded surface, bringing your hands directly below your shoulders and your knees below your hips. On the inhale, release your rib cage to arch your back, lift your gaze upwards and draw your shoulders onto your back, opening your chest. Imagine yourself like a wolf howling at the Full Moon. On the exhale, push into your palms, bringing your gaze back towards your belly and round your rib cage and low back upwards, drawing your tailbone down. Allow your sit bones to open wide, like a peacock spreading its tail feathers. Take a few slow rounds of these movements bringing intention into the articulation of each vertebra of your spine. Explore transitioning between the two postures through inhaling while you barrel roll your midsection out to one side and up into Cat Pose and then exhale as your midsection moves to the other side and barrel rolls down into Cow Pose. The key here is to lubricate the joints in your body and not get hung up on doing it right. Next, experiment with making slow circles with your shoulders and hips over your hands and knees as they remain firmly planted on the ground. Move in any way that your body calls you, activating a flush of blood flow.


Immerse Yourself

Enhance the sensual mood by lighting candles and placing them around the edge of your tub. Give yourself a good spritz with Moon Dew, then soften your gaze, allow the gentle, warm light of the flames to enliven the passions and desires within you and repeat the affirmation, "I am vibrant and juicy." Witness the gentle flicker of the candle light on the surface of the water and as it dances across your skin, deepening your connection to your very own juicy existence. 


After your bath slip into clean sheets for a nude journaling session in your dewy skin to reflect in your journal on the following questions:

  • In what ways do I feel vibrant life and love pulsing through me?

  • When do I feel the most receptive to the lifeforce energy available in the world around me?

  • How do I currently fill my own juicy love bank?

  • In what areas of my life can I awaken my senses to cultivate more sensuality?

The spring Full Moon is a time to romance yourself and enjoy the fruits of all your goodness. You are right on time. 

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