Summer Full Moon Bath Ritual | I am surrounded by beauty.

Summer Full Moon Bath Ritual | I am surrounded by beauty.

The Full Moon resonates most with summer, a season of activation influenced by the fire element. Fire is responsible for transformation, inspiring passion, courage, and willpower during the Full Moon.

The presence of the fire element during this phase brightens our charisma, sharpens our intellect, and enhances our perception, making it the perfect time to engage with the world. While the moon is lighting up the night sky, we are called to go out, be in community, celebrate abundance, and dance in the beauty of the lunar glow. 

We are also invited to gaze out across the landscape of our lives, in awe of the beauty that surrounds us. No matter what our circumstances, we can find beauty in our surroundings—in a flower, in the eyes of a loved one, or perhaps simply in the way the sunlight moves across a room. The artistry of the natural world is truly astonishing when we pause and appreciate its bountiful gifts.

Take a moment to inhale a deep breath filled with admiration for the truly exquisite details of your life.

Summer Full Moon Bath Ritual


During this lunar phase, when bliss and romance are bountiful, we find pleasure in spending time in communion with others, indulging in life’s blessings. The Full Moon speaks to the extrovert in all of us, so take a chance to strike up that conversation you’ve been meaning to have or put yourself out there and meet someone new. 

As the Full Moon is a time of activation and outward expression, we tend to experience a surge of energy in our bodies during the week surrounding it. Expressing movement to expel excess heat and energy can help us feel grounded, and is encouraged to counter the intensity of the Full Moon. Whether it’s a long walk, a hike through the forest, or a heart-opening yoga class, take the time to be present in your body to celebrate the life flowing through your veins. 

The energies associated with the Full Moon phase are felt during the week surrounding the day of the Full Moon, so it’s best to do your Full Moon bath ritual during this time.


When we spend time under the light of the moon, she gently bestows her radiant, feminine essence upon us. The rays of our cosmic companion have a special calming and relaxing effect on our minds, and basking in her rays supports us in becoming peaceful and centered.

While your Full Moon Bath Tea steeps before your bath, spend 15 to 20 minutes outside, taking in the moonlight. Gaze at this magical, illuminated presence in the night sky that guides our monthly rhythms. Allow your eyes to take in the beauty of the moonlight on the landscape and on your own skin.

full moon bath ritual


Treat yourself to a lovely bouquet of flowers and set it near your tub as you soak. Bonus points if you create your own arrangement using flowers that you thoughtfully harvested in the wild or in your garden! Adorn the medicinal waters with a few petals to imbue your bath with their essence, adding bursts of color to the magical dreamscape of your tub. Allow the bright colors and aroma to elicit a connection to yourself and the magnificent world around you, as you repeat the affirmation I am surrounded by beauty.

As you soak, keep cool with a lavish spray of Moon Dew — Botanical Face Mist to arouse your senses and balance your skin.


After enjoying a beauty-enhancing bath ritual and basking in the calming rays of the moonlight, find a comfortable space to curl up with your journal. Begin by closing your eyes and allowing your bath ritual to continue to permeate your being, lighting up your inner radiance.

Beauty is found around us more readily when we recognize the profound beauty that lies within. 

Reflect in your journal on the following questions:

  • In what parts of my physical body do I find beauty?

  • Where in my emotional body do I experience beauty?

  • What beauty in the natural world speaks most clearly to me?

  • In what ways can I connect more often to the beauty around me?

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