Summer Waxing Moon Ritual | I act from a place of love.

Summer Waxing Moon Ritual | I act from a place of love.

In concert with the earth element, the Waxing Moon calls upon us to replenish our immunity, sensuality, and vitality. The summer Waxing Moon is a truly luscious time — one that carries with it an abundant surge of sensuality and connection. As the darkness of the night fills with the light from the moon, we are invited to find ways in which we can be moved less by fear and more by the power of love. We tune in to our hearts, our center of emotional intelligence, and find ourselves guided by courage and acceptance for ourselves and others.

When we open ourselves and allow the potent, juicy essence of the Summer Waxing Moon to pulse through our being, our senses come alive. With this awakening, we are moved by the connection to primal energy as it becomes more available to us during this lunar phase. Nurturing relationships — with ourselves, friends, romantic partners and project collaborators — is also important during this phase, so we may fully blossom with the coming of the Full Moon. 



Allow this ritual to soften and open your heart so that you may act with more empathy, compassion and care for the world around you. 
The waxing moon occurs when the moon is transitioning from the new moon phase to the full moon phase, and its illumination is increasing. You can refer to our color coded Lunar Calendar to learn exactly when the moon is waxing, and align your Waxing Moon bath ritual accordingly.


Here's what we recommend you gather...

        bath ritual preparation



        Before starting your ritual, ensure your bathroom is clean and organized so that you can truly drop in. Light your Sacred Smoke to purify the energy of your space.

        Light your candles around the bathtub and create a soothing ambiance. We highly recommend you turn off all other lights (or dim them as much as possible) and play soft, calming music to enhance relaxation.

        Because this Waxing Moon Bath ritual is focused on love, this is the perfect time to call upon the magic of rose. Roses have one of the highest vibrational frequencies of all botanicals, and immersing ourselves in their healing waters can alter our own frequency such that we emanate pure love. The fragrance of rose arouses sensuality, boosts libido, fights depression, and elicits feelings of love. 

        Consider using an oil diffuser during your bathing ritual is a lovely way to elicit the beauty of rose. If you don’t have a diffuser, offer a couple drops onto the palm of your hand during your bathing ritual and rub them together. Bring your hands up to hover over your face and enjoy a few deep breaths to take in the scent, allowing it to gently permeate your being.

        Steep your Waxing Moon Botanical Bath Tea in a tea pot or french press — check out our Bathing Guide for more details. While it steeps, you can be filling your bathtub and engaging in Setubandasana, or Bridge Pose.



        The yoga posture known as Setubandasana, or Bridge Pose, is energizing and opens the heart while calming the mind. Opening the heart inspires personal development, expands the sense of connectedness you feel to yourself and those around you, and invites you to engage in the world with a greater sense of love. This is a beautiful practice to do while your Waxing Moon Bath Tea steeps.

        To practice Setubandasana or bridge pose, first lie down flat on your back. Next bend your knees directing them upwards toward the sky, with your feet flat on the ground. With your arms down by your sides, position your feet so that the tips of your fingers barely graze your heels. Now tilt your hips up, drawing the front of your pelvis toward your navel as you begin to round your low back. As your back rounds, your tailbone will begin to lift from the Earth. Gently engage your buttocks as you lift your hips high, allowing your weight to be in your feet, shoulders, and back of your head. If it is available to you, clasp your hands behind your back and gently shimmy your shoulders underneath you, inviting your chest to fully open. Imagine there is a small grapefruit under your chin, reminding you to elongate the back of your neck. Hold the posture for about thirty seconds, taking a few deep, slow breaths, gazing directly upward the entire time, before slowly lowering your hips. Begin at your shoulders and lower one vertebrate at a time until your hips reconnect to the Earth. Rest with your knees together, with your feet placed slightly wider than your hips before beginning again. Repeat three times. This pose should be done on an empty stomach while your tub is filling with water.

        waxing moon bath ritual



        Strain your Waxing Moon Botanical Bath Tea into your tub, and add a little Milk & Honey Infused Bathing Salt to create a deeply nourishing experience. Before stepping into the water, take a few moments to ground yourself. Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind of any distractions. As you immerse yourself in the bath, imagine the water enveloping you with the transformative energy of love.

        Once you are comfortable in the bath, close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes. Reflect on the goals you wish to achieve during this waxing moon phase, and consider all of the connections with others that are required to bring them to life. Visualize yourself already embodying the qualities or achievements you desire, and send immense love and gratitude to those who will help you along the way.

        As you soak in the water, focus on the moon's glow and imagine its radiant light flowing into the bath and surrounding you with its powerful energy. Feel yourself absorbing this energy, filling you with strength and determination. Spend at least 20 minutes in the bath, staying present and connected with your intentions. You can repeat the affirmation “I act from a place of love” or simply allow your mind to wander, guided by your intuition.

        Once you feel the ritual is complete, slowly stand up and let the water drain, visualizing any negative energy or blockages being washed away. Express gratitude to the moon and the universe for their guidance and support. Wrap yourself in a warm bathrobe and take some time to rest and integrate the experience by journaling on the prompts below.


        waxing moon bath ritual reflection



        Once you find yourself in a comfortable place after your bath ritual, close your eyes and take a few deep, slow breaths. Soften into your heart and begin to gently call to mind people, places or things in your life that elicit a sense of avoidance or fear. Notice what sensations arise for you, and invite yourself to sit with them. Consider the ways in which these feelings may have guided choices and actions for you throughout your life.

        Reflect in your journal on the following questions . . .

        What areas or relationships in my life have I held back out of fear?

        What areas or relationships in my life have I acted from a place of love, even when it was hard?

        What does it feel like when I make decisions from a place of love, rather than fear? 

        How does the world around me respond when I act from a place of love?


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