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Mercedez Prince — Visionary and Storyteller

Mercedez Prince is a visionary creative aiming to connect people throughout time and space through radically authentic storytelling. She is passionate about creating new ways of living that challenge the way we relate to ourselves, each other, and to the systems of our world. This babe also advocates equally for delight, playfulness, and healthy hedonism. She’s a gal after our own hearts, for sure.

Gorgeous photos by: Jackie Nunnally, in Denver, Colorado


Moon Bath: Where and how do you find yourself meeting your sense of purpose in this world? 

Mercedez: Gosh… I never really know how to answer questions about my purpose. I’m constantly battling these conflicting ideas in my mind: either I think that purpose is something that I define, something that I claim for myself and reaffirm with every action that I take upon the world — or I think that purpose will only be thrusted upon me as I go out and make myself available and wildly open to the world. Both of these ideas are a bit too much and, at the same time, not enough for me. Like, either I walk around with definitive conviction hanging above my head, full of direction and stability; but rigid in intent and blocking out all other possibilities... Or I blow around loosely about the world, open and willing to give myself to almost anything; but vulnerable in such a state that has no anchor in the security of knowing oneself and one’s course. When I oscillate between these extremes, I lose clarity and descend into an abyss of confusion. So I try not to think about it too much. I scale down, and I meet and find my sense of purpose in the present moment — the middle ground between those extremes. 

Moon Bath: You are a wildly creative, visionary babe! What are you currently dreaming up and working on?

Mercedez: I’m dreaming up a new way of being, living, and creating with the world. I’m interested in our collective and individual psyches, and examining how what we think and how we think, and why we think the things we do about ourselves is replicated in our systems throughout the world. I’m interested in dismantling, but more importantly, reimagining our systems — economic, political, environmental, judicial, and all else. I’m interested in helping us navigate an intentful revolution — one that begins within ourselves and extends out into the world. 

When I’m not dreaming and reading up on collective evolution and revolution, I’m exploring different avenues of storytelling: I work with TEDxMileHigh to spread ideas and facilitate conversations that highlight pressing issues and innovative solutions with the goal of sparking change in our communities. I am working on several projects with Hampden Farms in Denver that focuses on connecting and uplifting BIPOC farmers and addressing the challenges of our largely unsustainable and inequitable food system. And I also work with ODIN, an apparel company that is redefining our relationship to ourselves and to the Earth through the clothes we wear.

Moon Bath: What do you love about your role with TEDxMileHigh? 

Mercedez: I love meeting and connecting with amazing people. I love that we are an authentic and positive form of media when it seems that much of the media is untrustworthy and thrives off of our drama and dread these days. 

Moon Bath: How are you currently weaving pleasure into your life?

Mercedez: I’m so sensual and I believe in letting what excites me be a guide, so almost everything I do is, in some way, guided by pleasure. I dance for pleasure. I read and write for pleasure... And I try not to take myself too seriously. I treasure the moments that I get to be around people like never before, and that brings me immense pleasure. I have deep conversations for pleasure. I put on red lipstick and make goo-goo eyes at myself in the mirror, for my own pleasure. I get so much pleasure from eating and drinking. I also dabble in film, “selfie art,” and other art forms for pleasure.

Moon Bath: What is your favorite way to rest and relax after crushing life so hard?

Mercedez: I love sunbathing and connecting with natural bodies of water. Being in the water is the most soothing thing to me. During the summer this is easy, during the winter I make up for the lack of sunshine and the freezing water by taking baths. 

Moon Bath: Which Moon Bath ritual do you think everyone needs to try, and why? 

Mercedez: The MIND RISE transcendent nose oil for sure — I’ve added it to my morning routine. I tend to be very head heavy, so meditation is essential. When I use the nose oil right before meditating, it relaxes my mind and helps me get “in the zone” faster and deeper. 

Moon Bath: What gives you hope for the world as we navigate these unprecedented times? 

Mercedez: The fact that these are unprecedented times gives me hope. The way we are challenging everything, including ourselves, gives me hope. The light that I see when I stare into the eyes of other people gives me hope.



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